Crysonic SpectraLive VST

Crysonic SpectraLive VST 2.0

SpectraLive mixes and mastes music for professional and commercial quality
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SpectraLive V2.0 is the first VST to utilize Crysonic’s spectral vitality process. The Spectralive process is a novel and proprietary approach to the operation of mixing and mastering music for professional and commercial quality like results. Spectralive uses a unique method by which they don’t incorporate any artificial harmonics or overtone content which eliminates the inherent “hiss” introduced by other exciters and enhancer type effects. It will give you the ability to master, mix and track your music on an even playing field regardless of your speakers or setup or quality.

Some of the features of the SpectraLive VST are the more than 2500+ Pro/Users worldwide, library of 64 quality presets, increase in stereo coherence, sonically correct mastering, decrease phase distortion, audio frequency targeting, intelligent phase control, 24bit/96 Khz audio support and highly optimized custom DSP code. The following features will allow the user to impart vitality and clarity to any audio material. It is ideal for vitalizing dynamics during tracking and mixing.

Many professional audio hosts offer VST support. If your audio application doesn’t support VST but only DirectX, you can still use SpectraLive V2.0. All you will need is a VST-DirectX wrapper software. This software can host SpectraLive V2.0 plug-in and it will still act like a DirectX plug-in without any difficulties.

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  • You can try their demo version in order to see if this plug-in will be the right one for you


  • Needs a VST host
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